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Welcome to Sporting Clays and 5 Stand!

Our Discipline offers Sporting Clays, Five Stand, a Patterning Station, and two Training Sites all successfully run by volunteers.   The facility is purposely designed for novice and expert levels of shooters whether it is one shooter or a group and for those needing certified instruction.

Office Area:  You will be greeted by a knowledgeable member to assist with your shooting needs for the day.  Bring your shotgun, hearing and eye protection and shell 7.5 and smaller target loads only.

Sporting Clays:   Twisted Tree, a 16 station course, gives a great simulation of rabbits, waterfowl and upland birds that will offer the novice success and the veteran shooting a challenge.

Five Stand:  5 stations provide a fun shooting area where you can observe multiple birds from one location.  It is a type of shotgun sport combining sporting clays, trap and skeet.  Shooters shoot in turn at the various combinations of clay birds.

Training/Warm Up Station:  Two stations with eight traps giving the shooter an opportunity to hone their skills or take a lesson.

"Twisted Tree" the Sporting Clay experience you have been waiting for!!!

Twisted Tree Photo"Twisted Tree", an incredible sporting clays course with 16 stations and over 40 target presentations all well placed within sage brush, juniper trees and mossy lava rock.

A southern circular course, appropriately name for the twisted tree located on the 6th station.   Most of the 16 - x12' stations are covered and four of them offer elevated platform shooting with all having gun racks and benches.  They are large enough for a shooting squad to use the Long Range electronics and most provide mountain views from Mt. Hood to Mt. Bachelor.

The pathway is ATV friendly and is easily walked with just enough separation fromstation 3 3 station to station where the shooter feels as if they are the only one participating. All of the materials for construction of the course were donated by shooters and local businesses. The stations were built entirely with volunteer labor.

Twisted Tree is definitely a Bucket List course that each of us should on our shooting schedule.  There is no electricity on site so the check in station, maintenance building, every battery operated throwing machine and each card reader is solar charged.  A friendly volunteer will greet you and from there your experience begins.  Enjoy safe target shooting at this club established in 1945.

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